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Table of Contents

Three Thieves

A story about crossing boundaries...
...and having a hell of a wild time doing it.

Book One: Rules of Engagement

Chapter One
"Feather, ruse, Father Brown" published October 17th, 2009
Soundtrack: Spectrum by DBA

Chapter Two
"Bento, angels, brawl" published October 22nd, 2009

Chapter Three
"Prank, chat, lifeline" published October 30th, 2009
First Half Meet Me At My Window by Jack's Mannequin
Second Half What Happens Tomorrow by Duran Duran

Chapter Four
"bed, absence, bicycle" published November 6th, 2009
Soundtrack: What Happens Tomorrow by Duran Duran
Insert Song: The Tempest by Pendulum

Chapter Five
"Guun-Guun, doves, coffee" published November 14th, 2009

Chapter Six
"Lemonade, the Shadow, complicated" published November 20th, 2009

Chapter Seven
"Dottle, gas, Wild Things" published November 27th, 2009

Chapter Eight
"Lunatic, question, pharmacist" published December 4th, 2009

Book Two: Engagement

Chapter One
"experiment, trespassers, pink" published December 11th, 2009

Chapter Two
"little black dress, pasta, warm" published December 18th, 2009

• Three Thieves will be going on winter holidays from the 18th through the end of the year. Thanks for your patience during this little break, and have a lovely holiday! •

Chapter Three
"Waiting, alcohol, red sweater" published January 8th, 2010.
Soundtrack: Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses

Chapter Four
"Hangover, mailbox, movie" published January 15th, 2010.

Chapter Five
"Caffiene, early, puzzlebox" published January 23rd, 2010

Chapter Six
"Identity, cows, assistance" published January 29th, 2010
Soundtrack: Falling Down by Oasis

Chapter Seven
"Germaphobe, three piece suit, taboo" published February 5th, 2010

• Three Thieves will be going on a one-week hiatus for the weekend of Valentine's Day. We hope that all of you celebrate the day by focusing your love on your own wonderful self. ...And maybe also on your friends. XD •

Chapter Eight
"Apologies, helmet, tattoo" published February 19th, 2010

Chapter Nine
"Fountain, phonecall, wrong" published February 26th, 2010
Part One | Part Two

Chapter Ten
"Contact, formal, guilt" published March 6th, 2010

Chapter Eleven
"Rose, meeting, distraction" published March 12th, 2010

Chapter Twelve
"Arpeggio, Shojo Tantei, yakitori" published March 19th, 2010

Chapter Thirteen
"Heroine, retrieval, nightmare" published March 26th, 2010

• Three Thieves will be going on a short hiatus from the end of March to the beginning of April. We plan to resume posting with Book Three on April 9th. •

Book Three: Triangulation

Chapter One
"Visitation, impulse, explanation" published April 9th, 2010

Chapter Two
"Father, teacups, introduction" published April 16th, 2010

Chapter Three
"Magician, rain check, flight" published April 23rd, 2010

Chapter Four
"Black box, interrogation, liberties" published April 30th, 2010

Chapter Five
"Parkour, three, magic word" published May 7th, 2010

Chapter Six
"Very good coffee, pareo, guidelines"
Original Chapter | Alternate Chapter published May 14th, 2010
Soundtrack: White Shadows by Coldplay
Omake 1
"Singapore: Gentlemen's Agreement" published May 14, 2010

Chapter Seven
"Beautiful, Spade, handshake"
Original Chapter | Alternate Chapter published May 21st, 2010
Soundtrack: Melt with You by Modern English
Omake 2
"Crystal Clear" published May 21, 2010

Chapter Eight
"Bright red ink, popcorn, Aoko" published May 28th, 2010

Chapter Nine
"Sneeze, curiosity, modifications"
Original Chapter | Alternate Chapter published June 4th, 2010
Omake 3
"Riding The Nightmare" published June 4, 2010

Chapter Ten
"College, case closed, homework"
Original Chapter: Part One & Part Two | Alternate Chapter published June 11th, 2010
Omake 4
"Flamingos" published June 11, 2010

Chapter Eleven
"Intoxication, game, birthday"
Original Chapter: Part One & Part Two | Alternate Chapter published June 18th, 2010
Omake 5
"After Careful Analysis..." published June 18, 2010

Chapter Twelve
"Return, Division One, Takeda-san" published June 25th, 2010
Part One | Part Two

• Three Thieves will be going on a break at the end of Book Three to accomodate Ysabet's visit to Nightengale's city. Posting will resume once the sisters have had time to adequately glomp each other and squee, then recover from jetlag. •

Book Four: Tolls

Chapter One
"Twins, Kyoto, cheating (or not)" July 17th, 2010

Chapter Two
"Plan, win/lose, costs" published July 23rd, 2010
Soundtrack: Thick As Thieves by Dashboard Confessional

Chapter Three
"Safe, weapon, masks" published July 30th, 2010

Chapter Four
"Contest, fanboys, dance" published August 7th, 2010
Greenroom Session 1
"Birthday Plans(NSFW) published August 8, 2010

Chapter Five
"Stormdrain, statistics, suggestion" published August 13th, 2010

Chapter Six
"Gentleman, compliment, marooned" published August 20th, 2010

Chapter Seven
"Frustration, bartop, ticklish" published August 27th, 2010
Greenroom Session 2
"Very Dark Green Indeed" published September 2, 2010

Chapter Eight
"Patterns, reasons, choices" published September 3rd, 2010

Chapter Nine
"Coming clean, proof, asking a lot" published September 10th, 2010

Chapter Ten
"Dinnerguests, record, nice bits" published September 17th, 2010

Chapter Eleven
"Playback, disclosure, long day" published September 24th, 2010

Chapter Twelve
"What's he like, protection, lasagna" published October 1, 2010
Published simultaneously:
Chapter Thirteen (bonus EXPLICIT chapter)
"Shower, Sharpie marker, successful"

• Three Thieves will celebrate its first birthday on October 15th, 2010, with the start of Book Five! To celebrate, bonuses, mini contests, discussion posts, quizzes, omakes, and other fun stuff will be posted the week of October 4th to the 8th in lieu of a standard chapter. •

Mini Contest #1 published October 4, 2010
Omake: "Influence" published October 5, 2010
Picspam published October 6, 2010
Omake: "Betting Pool" published October 7, 2010
Omake: "Flexible" published October 7, 2010
Discussion: Favorites & Crack Pairings published October 7, 2010
Main Contest: Trivial Pursuit published October 8, 2010
Mini Contest #2 published October 8, 2010
Omake/Past Scene: Mirrormask published October 10, 2010
Software published October 11, 2010
Omake: "Counting Crows" published October 12, 2010
Contest Reminder published October 12, 2010

Book Five: Ghosts

Chapter One
"You just can't go on a date looking like that." published October 15, 2010
Dove Mail 1
Mattress” published October 20, 2010

Chapter Two
"Our chariot awaits." published October 22, 2010
Dove Mail 2
Letter” published October 27, 2010

Dove Mail 3
Call and Reply” published October 27, 2010

Chapter Three
"Then I want you both to listen." published October 29, 2010
Soundtrack: No More Room To Breathe by There For Tomorrow and Between by Vienna Teng
Dove Mail 4
"Find you" published November 4, 2010

Dove Mail 5
"Flight" published November 4, 2010

Chapter Four
"I'm a natural." published November 5, 2010
Omake 6
"What the Mirror Saw" (NSFW) published November 6, 2010

Chapter Five
"It's so weird, what you can get used to." published November 12, 2010

Chapter Six
"Why should you tell me?" published November 18, 2010

Chapter Seven
"Thought that you'd want to talk shop." published November 26, 2010

Chapter Eight
"And who cares about Denmark?" published December 3, 2010
Soundtrack: Blue and Red by Sky Sailing
Extra 1
Resin Thieves (Taisetsu post) published December 7, 2010

Extra 2
Kid and Shinichi Discuss Movie 14 published December 7, 2010

Chapter Nine
"If things were different--" published December 10, 2010
A snippet... (Ai and Agasa brainbreakiness) published December 13, 2010

Chapter Ten
"I'm only looking after his interests, you know." published December 17, 2010

Chapter Eleven
"And we said: 'I want to be my father's son.'" published December 24, 2010

Chapter Twelve
"It's you." published December 31, 2010
A Very TT Christmas (Or nightengale got good loot!) published January 6, 2011

Chapter Thirteen
"You keep offering logical explanations..." published January 7, 2011

Chapter Fourteen
"...tonight wasn't supposed to be just another penalty." published published January 14, 2011

Chapter Fifteen
"...quite an experience." published January 21, 2011
Published simultaneously:
Chapter Sixteen
"Shovel." published January 21, 2011

Chapter Seventeen
"A friend, Takagi-keiji?" published January 28, 2011

Chapter Eighteen
"Conan? Your parents sent me--" published February 4, 2011
Omake 7
Movie/Buff(NSFW) published February 7, 2011

Dove Mail 6
Sweater” published February 9, 2011

Chapter Nineteen
"Did I just hear you suggest we contact a hacker, Takagi?" published February 11, 2011

Chapter Twenty
"I'm sorry, Ayumi." published February 20, 2011
Apology Goodies
Age Math!” published February 22, 2011

Book Six: War

Chapter One
"Something is not the same here." published February 25, 2011

Chapter Two
"It's been a decade." published March 4, 2011
Published simultaneously:
Chapter Three
"...but sooner or later you have to pay the piper." published March 4, 2011

Chapter Four
"Feel like a game of chess?" published March 11, 2011

Chapter Five
"...a thousand maybes" published March 18, 2011
Fanart by furlifoo (NSFW)

Chapter Six
"Bring the lamp closer, Kaito." published March 25, 2011

Chapter Seven
"I wouldn't miss it for the world." published April 1, 2011

Chapter Eight
"Showtime, ladies and gentlemen..." published April 8, 2011
Soundtrack: Rooftops by The Urgency

Chapter Nine
"Don't get killed, okay?" published April 15, 2011
Part One | Part Two

Chapter Ten
"Watch your backs." published April 22, 2011

Chapter Eleven
"Then I'll keep saying it." published April 29, 2011

Chapter Twelve
"...did you help a wanted felon to escape capture?" published May 6, 2011

Chapter Thirteen
"Wait, what? ‘Assumed name’?" published May 13, 2011

Chapter Fourteen
"What's he so afraid of?” published May 20, 2011

Chapter Fifteen
"Anything less than lethal results is an improvement" published May 27, 2011

(aka Keeping-the-Rabid-Fans-at-Bay Goodies)
Prize Omake: “Death, please.” published June 3, 2011
Prize Omake: "Truth Is Stranger Than..." published June 10, 2011
Gift Fic from lil_1337: The Prophecy

Friday Post: Three Twitters! published June 17, 2011
Three Thieves Omake: "Rooftop" published June 24, 2011
Law, Larceny, Loyalty and Love - A Three Thieves Soundtrack published July 1, 2011
Omake: Where in the World... published July 9, 2011

Chapter Sixteen
"Tiny scientist, you need me." published July 15, 2011
Soundtrack: Back in Black by AC/DC

Chapter Seventeen
"Excuse me, is there anyone there?" published July 22, 2011
On Ekoda's Characters and Cariacatures

Chapter Eighteen
"Say my name, Hakuba-tantei." published July 29, 2011

Chaper Nineteen
"See what you should've seen..." published August 5, 2011

Chaper Twenty
"Don't do that again, though." published August 12, 2011

Chaper Twenty-One
"Tell them that the Black Organization's been cleaning house again." published August 20, 2011

Chaper Twenty-Two
"It’ll be interesting to see what kinda fish we catch." published August 26, 2011

Chaper Twenty-Three
"The teal door." published September 2, 2011
"The Talk" published September 2, 2011

Book Seven: Trading Queens

Book Eight: Asymptote
(the last book)

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